The Quantum Information Center Sorbonne (QICS) aims at coordinating research, teaching and outreach efforts within the Alliance Sorbonne Université on quantum information — quantum computing and quantum communications — as well as its impact in other fields. It gathers a large community from computer science to physics, but also mathematics and humanities.

It builds on the unique set of knowledge and skills within the Alliance Sorbonne Université from fundamental computer science to quantum physics, experimental demonstrations of quantum advantage, social, economic and philosophical studies of digital technologies.

The QICS is dedicated to intensifying experimental – theoretical research and engineering interactions along with exploring societal implications of this new way to treat information. This includes increased teaching efforts in this field and raise of awareness and collaboration within the innovation and industrial ecosystems.
General objectives of the Centre can be summarised as:

  • Trigger research excellence and collaborative works among Alliance Sorbonne Université
  • Promote a consistent teaching curriculum, from undergraduate to doctoral studies and continuing education.
  • Outreach toward the general public, other scientific areas, and industries.

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Among its large scope of activities, the Center organises Schools for students. Below are the two first thematic schools for 2021: 

– Predoctoral school, information et technologies quantiquesMarch 16th to 26th, Cargèse, France. Opening registration coming soon

– EPIT in Quantum informatics, Quantum Computer Science, Mai 24th to 28th, Marseille, France. Opening registration coming soon

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The QICS Newsletter 

Each semester, or more often if needed, the Center sends out a newsletter to disseminate news about its activity and more generally about quantum information to its community at the Alliance Sorbonne Université.

Find here the first newsletter which is a brief summary of our objectives contains a link to all presentations from the QICS inauguration of September the 10th. We hope you will contribute to their contents by sending us any relevant material. If you want us to share any news related to Quantum Information, or have any suggestion, or simply want to register to this newsletter, please contact us at

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